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5 universal rules for writing your CV

5 universal rules for writing your CV

5 universal CV writing rules that will help you land an interview.

Make sure you cover all the basics

When your write your killer CV, you need to demonstrate your relevant skills and accomplishments.

However, you need to also make sure you cover all the basics such as:

  • Contact information: Your full name, city where you live, email address and phone number.
  • Relevant skills that match the job description. Write a list of your most relevant skills starting with the most important.
  • Relevant work experience. Start your work experience section of your CV with your most recent job and then add work experience from previous roles only if they have relevance to the job you are applying for. List your achievements and use numerical data instead of just listing your tasks.
  • Relevant certifications or degrees. Including your relevant certifications on your CV can help you stand out from the crowd.

Be concise

When you are writing your CV, make sure you are concise. Hiring managers and recruiters need to scan your CV quickly so make sure the information you write is easily digestible. Write short bullet points, rather than lengthy paragraphs and use as few words as possible to avoid your CV being too wordy.

Use quantitative data where possible

Numbers and data show hiring managers you have what it takes to get results and how you can have a positive impact on their business. Where you can, back up your achievements with quantitative data to show evidence that you can make a real difference.

Use keywords that are used in the job ad

By using keywords that are already in the job ad will show recruiters and hiring managers that you are a great match for the role straightaway. Using the same language will also increase the chances of you getting found a lot easier on job boards when recruiters search for their perfect candidates.

Proofread your CV thoroughly

Unfortunately, if there are spelling mistakes or typos throughout your CV it can risk your chance of getting an interview. You need to make sure that you review your CV multiple times.

A few good techniques to catch minor mistakes would be to:

  • Print off your CV and read it word by word using a pen for corrections.
  • Read your content backwards.
  • Fresh pair of eyes! Get someone else to read your CV to look out for errors that you might have missed.

If you are looking for some advice on CV techniques, get in touch! We would love to help you.


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