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Reasons why you should join a tech startup

Reasons why you should join a tech startup

5 reasons why you should join a tech startup to progress your career from our very own Director, Darren Sharp.

Career growth

When you take a job with a startup company, you know ahead of time that the business plans to grow rapidly. This can provide many opportunities for you to evolve quickly into higher level roles as the company grows.

Tech environment

You will have the opportunity to work on greenfield projects. Being involved in a solution at the inception stage through to product launch is an invaluable experience for anyone in tech. Plus, you will be working with the latest tech frameworks, and you will be given exposure to new technologies outside your current skillset. In many startups, the tech stack is constantly evolving to keep ahead of the curve.

New and innovative ways of thinking

Joining a startup means adopting an ‘out of the box’ mindset. Startups act as fast as possible and waste no time. The ‘less is more’ and ‘do more with less’ mindset is key.

Stock options

Many startups offer employees company stock options as part of their benefits package. This allows employees to be part of something special as the company grows. If successful, this is a very lucrative reward for your hard work and dedication.

Darren’s verdict

For me, the best reason to join a startup is the EXCITEMENT of being part of something new. Working with inspirational people who have huge ambition is the biggest draw to working for a startup as the sky’s the limit.


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