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7 Top Tips on how to stand out more on LinkedIn

7 Top Tips on how to stand out more on LinkedIn

Check out our 7 top tips on how to make your profile stand out more on LinkedIn...

our LinkedIn profile is essential for when you are looking for a job.

“Why?” you might ask…

Well, your LinkedIn profile enables you to build the right network, opens yourself up to more career opportunities, and then becomes an online version of your very own CV.

Not forgetting, it is now common for employers to search and view your LinkedIn profile when going through the recruiting process!


1. Use an appropriate image

It’s not a beauty contest.

From research, it is now known that recruiters only spend an average of 19% of their time looking at somebody’s profile photo when going through the recruiting process.

So, just make sure to use a photo that is simple, effective, and appropriate when looking for career opportunities – as your profile picture is your calling card.


2. Add a background photo

Your background photo is the second visual element at the top of your profile page as it instantly grabs people’s attention!

It sets the context of who you are and shows more about what matters to you.

But, more than anything, it helps your profile stand out, engage more people and is more memorable compared to other profiles.


3. Your headline is more than your job title

When putting your “Professional Headline” for your LinkedIn profile, be creative!

No need to put your current/previous job role or what you are looking for, you could put in who YOU are, such as “Creative Thinker”, “I am a self-starter looking for creative work environments” etc.. that stand out and describe who YOU are.

(Also, don’t listen to LinkedIn’s headline suggestions! Make your own.)


4. Grow your network

To get started, one of the easiest ways to start connecting with people on LinkedIn is to sync your profile with your email address book, so there will already be recommendations on who you should connect with!

From there, you will be able to connect with people with similar interests and job roles as you, where you can learn off one another.

Don’t be scared to connect with people! Growing a network is one of the best ways to get recognised.


5. List your relevant skills

One of the best features on LinkedIn – all you need to do is scroll through the list of the skills and identify which ones are relevant to you!

One of the main benefits of doing this is standing out to possible headhunters, including that it also helps to substantiate the description in your headline and summary on your LinkedIn profile.

It helps you stay relevant and up-to-date, but make sure that there isn’t a long list of skills that aren’t relevant!


6. Stay active!

Simple things on LinkedIn to show that you are active, such as sharing and commenting on content – from this, you will be able to analyse and monitor the responses you get, where you will then be able to plan your own content to go out!

Staying active on LinkedIn is definitely a MUST when wanting to stand out and looking for opportunities.


7. Share your organisation’s content

Even if you are considering going for a role elsewhere, it is still a good idea to share your company’s content on your page – this shows that you are active on your profile, want to spread the word about the company you currently work for, and are also proud of your current organisations work that’s being posted on their social media channels.

This will look good for future employers, as they will recognise your enthusiasm through your shares, and for supporting your organisation through your own personal profile.


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