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How to achieve your career goals

How to achieve your career goals

Tips on how to achieve your career goals.

Make career planning a habit

First, make a plan and write down what you want to achieve and give yourself a timeframe to achieve this.

Set ‘SMART’ targets

Make realistic targets, stay focused on your plan and aim to reach high.

When you have hit a target, set another

Make sure you keep your plans fresh, achievable and motivational.

Believe in yourself

Have a positive mindset when you are looking to achieve your career goals. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of.

Persistent is key

When you take the time to work hard for something it normally pays off. Stick to your plan and reap the rewards.

Seek constructive feedback

The feedback and criticism you receive in your career can really help you understand what you need to do to achieve a particular goal. Always listen to constructive criticism carefully and always respond in a positive manner.

Explore your passions

Do you have a passion you would love to do a full time job? Explore your passions and research the possibilities your passion may bring. Your passion might even involve you taking a course to get your dream career.


Is there a particular job you want to do but not sure where to start? Network with people who work in your chosen industry. LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for this!

Treat your self

Remember to take time for yourself when you are working on your career goals. It is important to take some time to unwind and enjoy your free time too.


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